Chapter no 31

Never Lie

This is session #183 with PL, a 27-year-old female who suffers from PTSD after surviving an extremely traumatic incident, but has largely recovered.

“Dr. Hale, I hope this isn’t inappropriate, but I brought you a little present. Well, actually, a big present.”

“Oh. Oh my.”

“It was my mother’s idea. She always says happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”

“Oh. Yes.”

“So she commissioned this artist, and we used the photograph on the back of your book. I hope it’s not too big! She thought it would look great over your mantle.”

“Um. No, it’s… very nice.”

“Are you sure you like it? You don’t have to hang it up.

You could just stash it in your basement or something.” “No, I like it. I’ll hang it up.”

“We just wanted to do something for you. I was such a mess when I started seeing you. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think straight. You helped me so much.”

“What you went through was traumatic. You watched three of the people closest to you murdered right in front of you. It just proves how strong you are.”

“I feel strong now. I didn’t always. Thank you for that.” “Yes. You’re welcome.”

“And I’m glad you could include it in your new book. I’m honored. I hope my story inspires other people.”


“After all this time, I’m finally able to move on. I’m dating again. I’m sleeping well. I do still feel a touch of guilt that I get to continue living my life while the others can’t. Is that normal? Will it ever go away?”


“Dr. Hale?”

“Oh. Um, yes, I think… Yes, it’s a good idea. Uh-huh.

So… you’re sleeping okay then?” “Dr. Hale?”


“I know it sounds weird me asking this, but are you okay?”

“Me? Yes, I’m fine.”

“You look… I’m sorry, but you just look a little pale. And you zoned out there for a minute. Usually you’re not like that. You always listen to everything I say.”

“I’m fine. Really. Just a little… I’m fine. I promise. And I love the painting. In fact, I’m going to hang it up on my mantle right after you leave.”

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