Saving 6 (Boys of Tommen, 3) by Chloe Walsh

Saving 6 (Boys of Tommen, 3)

Saving 6 (Boys of Tommen, 3) by Chloe Walsh

Saving 6 (Boys of Tommen, 3)


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Synopsis of Saving 6 (Boys of Tommen, 3) by Chloe Walsh

From international bestselling and TikTok-phenomenon Chloe Walsh comes the next book in the addictive Boys of Tommen seriesSaving 6.

He’s a boy who’s lost. She’s a girl who might just be the home he’s never had.

Joey Lynch has always been a protector. He rebuilds what is broken. When his older brother Darren leaves town, twelve-year-old Joey finds that he must watch over his younger siblings and mother. As he enters his teen years, his struggles intensify, with Joey toeing the line of addiction, all while being dutiful to his family. His boss’s daughter becomes the one thing keeping him afloat. She’s unapologetically herself, and even though he doesn’t want to get involved with her, he can’t keep away.

Aoife Molloy is bubbly and self-assured. On her first day of secondary school, she meets a hot-headed boy who sparks a new burning curiosity within her, a boy who happens to work for her father. It’s a bad idea to mess about with him, but her interest grows by the day.

As a complicated friendship ensues, Aoife begins to discover the secrets attached to Joey Lynch’s life, all while he desperately fights to keep her out.

Following a new fan-favorite couple from the Binding 13 duology, Saving 6 will increase your love for the Boys of Tommen universe. This book is perfect for readers looking for:

  • New adult/YA crossover Irish romance
  • Dual POVs
  • Friends-to-lovers
  • Angsty tearjerkers
  • Bingeworthy TikTok books

Readers cannot get enough of the Boys of Tommen:


“I’d give this a million stars if it were possible.”

“This was everything I wanted and more. It felt so right to be back with my family.”

“Brilliant, read this book!! – it’s beautifully written!”

“I adored Joey and Aoife…I ate up every single moment.”

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