Keeping 13: Boys of Tommen #2

Keeping 13 (Boys of Tommen #2)

Keeping 13: Boys of Tommen #2

Keeping 13 (Boys of Tommen #2)


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Synopsis of Keeping 13: Boys of Tommen #2

The epic and unforgettable love story that began in Binding 13 continues with the follow-up in this duology, Keeping 13, from international bestselling and TikTok-phenomenon Chloe Walsh.

Falling in love was the easy part. What comes next is the test . . .

Johnny Kavanagh has been living a different life since his injury sidelined him. He’s never known life without his beloved number 13 jersey, and he feels lost. Luckily for him, there is a mysterious girl who is now taking up most of his thoughts.

Shannon Lynch has always been good at keeping secrets. She has realized that evil men aren’t only in stories. They are very real. After her traumatizing trip to Dublin, she is trying to find a way to protect her little brothers above all else. She is beginning to revert to her old self, hiding away so that she can try to contain the few scraps of her future she has left.

There’s only one boy who can pull her out of the shadows into which she is retreating. The boy who owns her heart. But what she doesn’t know is that secrets are about to be revealed that could change lives forever. Will Johnny and Shannon’s love survive?

Following the beloved characters from Binding 13Keeping 13 will cement your love for the Boys of Tommen universe. This book is perfect for readers looking for:

  • New adult/YA crossover Irish romance
  • Dual POVs
  • Friends-to-lovers
  • TikTok books
  • Sports romance

Readers can’t stop gushing:

“It has so much HEART, SOUL AND LOVE in it. The love is real.”

“I love them…my heart beats for them. You know, this is completely one of those books you wanna savor reading as well as finish reading all in a go and then want to reread it as soon as you finish.”

“This is definitely one of those books which will stay with me forever.”

“JUST. READ. THIS. BOOK. It’s perfect. It literally has everything I never knew I needed.”

“Thank you for changing my life Chloe Walsh.”

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