Chapter no 35

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

That night, as the Heart of Gold was busy putting a few light years between itself and the Horsehead Nebula, Zaphod lounged under the small palm tree on the bridge trying to bang his brain into shape with massive Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters; Ford and Trillian sat in a corner discussing life and matters arising from it; and Arthur took to his bed to flip through Ford’s copy of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Since he was going to live in the place, he reasoned, he’d better start finding out something about it.

He came across this entry.

It said: ‘The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why and Where phases.

“For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question How can we eat? the second by the question Why do we eat? and the third by the question Where shall we have lunch?”

He got no further before the ship’s intercom buzzed into life. “Hey Earthman? You hungry kid?” said Zaphod’s voice. “Er, well yes, a little peckish I suppose,” said Arthur.

“OK baby, hold tight,” said Zaphod. “We’ll take in a quick bite at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.”

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