Chapter no 93 – JAMESON

The Brothers Hawthorne

They went from SUV to private jet and by the time they had, Grayson had gotten ahold of that paperwork. He set his tablet down with an audible click for the rest of them to see. Avery beat Jameson, Xander, and Nash to picking it up.

“The money is under the control of the trustee until the beneficiary is thirty years old…” Avery’s eyes widened, and she looked up from what she’d just read. “Or married.”

Grayson’s expression was grim. “Savannah is seventeen, eighteen in seven months. She has a boyfriend, and that boyfriend is Kent Trowbridge’s son.”

Jameson didn’t know these people as anything other than names in a story, but he thought about what Grayson had already said. The elder Trowbridge was boxing Acacia Grayson in, draining her finances, using the FBI to rattle her, ensuring that her only options were him… or his son.

“I take it we do not like this boyfriend?” Xander queried.

Grayson’s expression became, in a word, murderous. “He touches her when she doesn’t want to be touched. I saw the father do the same thing to Acacia—a hand on her shoulder, inching toward her neck.” There were slabs of granite softer than Grayson’s jaw at that moment. “The son is whiny,” he told them. “The father is dangerous.”

“So we take him out.” Nash took off his second-favorite cowboy hat.

Jameson smiled. Kent Trowbridge didn’t know what he’d gotten himself into. No one stood a chance against any two of the Hawthorne brothers, let alone all four. “What do we have to work with, Gray?”

Grayson’s reply was immediate. “Illegal activity to hold over his head if we can find proof that he’s the one who emptied Acacia’s trust.” Grayson’s smile was measured and slow. “There’s a safe in his home office. I didn’t have time to crack it the last time I was there, but this may call for a return trip.”

Jameson leaned forward, ready to play. “What else?”

Grayson leaned back. “I have all of his passwords. Guy kept them taped to the inside of his desk.”

Unfortunate for him, Jameson thought. And very fortunate for us.

Across the aisle of the plane, Nash looked from Xander to Avery. “You two thinking what I’m thinking?”

Xander grinned. “This should be fun.”

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