Chapter no 53

Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, 4)

Drink, the demon prince coaxed in a lover’s croon. Savor it.

The prisoner was sobbing on the floor of the dungeon cell, his fear and pain and memories leaking from him. The demon prince inhaled them as though they were opium.

Delicious. It was.

He hated himself, cursed himself.

But the despair coming from the man as his worst memories ripped him to shreds … it was intoxicating. It was strength; it was life.

He had nothing and no one, anyway. If he got the chance, he would find a way to end it. For now, this was eternity, this was birth and death and rebirth.

So he drank the man’s pain, his fear, his sorrow. And he learned to like it.

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