“How did that little whore know we lubricated the bars?! I know she’s pretty young still, but her eyesight can’t be that fucking good, can it?!” Geraldine bellowed.

“Zhe bars are very shiny,” Fuchs replied.

He squinted at the monitor and saw the shimmer with relative ease. Fuchs watched Bobby and CJ hoist up Tanya on top of the monkey bars first, before moving to Donnie.

“But she was so fucking certain about it. It makes me wonder…” “Wonder what, my lady?”

“You don’t think—no he wouldn’t…” “What is it?”

“You don’t think Rock would tell them any details that were pertinent to the playground, do you?”

“He has obeyed you since you brought him into zhis house. I highly doubt it.”

“Is there a way to get audio from the spy room?”

“I’m afraid not. We can only hear what is conveyed by zhe loudspeakers in zhe playground. Zhere will be a historical recording of zhe cries and screams zhat you may watch for future convenience, but we are not equipped to listen to zhem live.”


She narrowed her eyes at Fuchs. There was nothing in the world Geraldine hated more than being told no.

“At least one of them was supposed to die here! I don’t want too many of them reaching the end! That just takes the fun out of it!”

“I zhink zhat you are underestimating zhe rest of zhe playground. We will be lucky to see one remain.”

“I can deal with one or two, but anything more is a failure. And we simply cannot accept such failures. Not today.”

“Understood. Today shall be a day of triumph,” Fuchs concurred.

He returned his gaze back to the monitor and the control panel in front of him.

Geraldine watched the children on the monitor. While she wasn’t happy to see all of them safely cross, there was one person she was grateful for.

Tanya had already lowered herself to safety on the other end of the bars. She’d continued to study her scrupulously for the entire day, only growing more impressed as she surveyed.

The girl had served as a cog in the group’s survival. The manner in which she continued to strategize and pull the strings of her peers was a spectacle in itself.

The sight of the girl quelled her anger and replaced it with a fuzzy feeling that seemed alien. The cloth that rode her vaginal area grew soggy as she considered a future with her potential new toy. The salacious thoughts of what she might do with such a brilliant prospect caused her hand to slide down over the front of her dress.

As she inspected the image of Tanya, Geraldine used her pruned finger to softly pick at her pussy.

Normally, the urge didn’t strike with such intensity. With only a disappointment the likes of Rock, or a static realm of fantasy such as the hall of mirrors, there wasn’t much of a point. Those means only took her so far.

But Tanya could be different.

By the day’s end, she would find out if there was any merit to her unspeakable inkling.

Geraldine removed her hand from the front of her dress and reached for her drink. There was no sense in getting any more riled up just yet. The girl still needed to prove herself.

Geraldine watched CJ help muscle his brother Bobby up to the top of the monkey bars and considered what was on tap next. Just the sight of the boys annoyed her. They made her think of Rock, which was always a pain point.

Just you wait, Geraldine thought.

A smile exaggerated the wrinkles on her face.

Geraldine watched each of the brothers scale over the top of the structure. It didn’t take long for them to crawl their way across. As their feet touched down safely on the other side, she was still hopeful that the next steps they took would be their last.

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