The Chalice of the Gods

The Chalice of the Gods

The Chalice of the Gods

The Chalice of the Gods


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Chapter no 33 -One More Jolly Rancher for Old Times
Chapter no 32 - Grover Eats My Leftovers

Synopsis of The Chalice of the Gods

The original heroes from The Lightning Thief are reunited for their biggest challenge yet: getting Percy to college when the gods are standing in his way.

After saving the world multiple times, Percy Jackson is hoping to have a normal senior year. Unfortunately, the gods aren’t quite done with him. Percy will have to fulfill three quests in order to get the necessary three letters of recommendation from Mount Olympus for college.

The first quest is to help Zeus’s cup-bearer retrieve his goblet before it falls into the wrong hands. Can Percy, Grover, and Annabeth find it in time?

Readers new to Percy Jackson (this book can be enjoyed as a standalone) and fans who have been awaiting this reunion for more than a decade will delight equally in this latest hilarious take on Greek mythology.

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Chapter no 1 - I Get Flushed
Chapter no 2 - My Dad Helps Out*
Chapter no 3 - We Complain about Quests and Decorative
Chapter no 4 - I Take a Himbo for Smoothies
Chapter no 5 - Everybody Hates Ganymede, He’s So Pretty
Chapter no 6 - Because Licorice
Chapter no 7 - Big Shocker: I Offend a Goddess
Chapter no 8 - I Want My Mommy
Chapter no 9 - The Chickens Draw First Blood
Chapter no 10 - Everyone Is Totally Shocked
Chapter no 11 - We Win Zero Prize Tickets
Chapter no 12 - Ganymede Gets Me a Refill
Chapter no 13 - We Look for Dead Stuff at the Farmers’ Market
Chapter no 14 - Iris Gives Me a Stick
Chapter no 15 - Yonkers!
Chapter no 16 - Grover Busts Out the Snake Songs
Chapter no 17 - I Meet the Man Bun of Doom
Chapter no 18 - Annabeth Conquers All with Herbal Tea
Chapter no 19 - I Taste the Rainbow and It’s Pretty Nasty
Chapter no 20 - Iris Takes Venmo

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