Chapter no 4 – To Live Is to Suffer

The Midnight Library

Nine hours before she decided to die, Nora wandered around Bedford aimlessly. e town was a conveyor belt of despair. e pebble-dashed sports centre where her dead dad once watched her swim lengths of the pool, the Mexican restaurant where she’d taken Dan for fajitas, the hospital where her mum had her treatment.

Dan had texted her yesterday.

Nora, I miss your voice. Can we talk? D x

She’d said she was stupidly hectic (big lol). Yet it was impossible to text anything else. Not because she didn’t still feel for him, but because she did. And couldn’t risk hurting him again. She’d ruined his life. My life is chaos, he’d told her, via drunk texts, shortly aer the would-be wedding she’d pulled out of two days before.

e universe tended towards chaos and entropy. at was basic thermodynamics. Maybe it was basic existence too.

You lose your job, then more shit happens.

e wind whispered through the trees. It began to rain.

She headed towards the shelter of a newsagent’s, with the deep – and, as it happened, correct – sense that things were about to get worse.

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