Chapter no 98

Quantum Radio

In the turbine hall, Maria sat on stage, nerves frayed, heart thundering in her chest.

A man in a white suit stood at the lectern, addressing the crowd in German. She didn’t know what he was saying.

The Gestapo agent that had escorted her to the venue sat in the front row, watching her with barely concealed contempt.

He didn’t buy her story.

Maria wondered what use they would have for her after she sang the song.


In the primate complex, Ty stared at Penny. “I’m not who you think I am.”

She snorted. “Apparently. I told them you were asking questions. They tell me you’re an impostor.”

“It’s complicated, Penny.” “It’s a complicated world.” “Let me explain.”

“Explain what? That you came here to make war.” “I came here to stop one.”

“Says a liar.”

“I need your help.”

“I can’t.” Penny swallowed, fear rising in her voice. “And I don’t believe you.”

A strange sensation ran through Ty, a feeling of things coming full circle

—of seeing a revelation that was hidden before but now shone as bright as

the rising sun.

Ty walked to the steel bars and wrapped his fingers around them.

“I think you do, Penny. You’re just too scared to trust me. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know this: there is a much stronger person inside of you, waiting to come out. You’ll be surprised. But don’t let that person change who you are.”

The Gestapo agent beside the cage shook his head. “Enough!” He held a hand out to Penny. “Visiting hours are over. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe, Frau Neumann. Gehen Sie, bitte.”

When she was gone, the Gestapo officer grinned at Ty. “The previous team that assaulted this facility killed seven of ours. Naturally, there is a desire to square that particular account. However, we did not expect you to be foolish enough to try again so soon. As such, we are thrilled at this opportunity you’ve given us.”


Helen examined Nora’s wig for a moment, then let it fall to the floor. Her gaze shifted between Nora and her counterpart sitting next to her.

“So the Pax has perfected cloning?” “No,” Nora said.

Helen exhaled heavily. “Do not bother denying it. We’ve caught your clone of Sturmbannführer Tanaka—outside the missile control room. Twins of someone from the Pax is unremarkable. A copy of a Covenant citizen and Reich Europa military officer—that could only be the work of cloning.” “It’s not. There’s something even more strange and wondrous going on here. You sense it, don’t you? That’s why you’re talking to me now. You know something is happening here that is important—something your

scientific mind is urging you to investigate.”

She studied Nora a long moment, then turned away. “It won’t matter soon. We’ve captured the audio-visual technician accompanying Miss Santos. We know he’s an impostor. Or perhaps another clone. We’re not sure yet.”

Nora’s heart sank. They had captured Ty too. Maria was likely trapped in the turbine hall. They had failed.

Yet, in that dark moment, Nora saw a hope, the same one she had latched onto when this world’s version of her father had cornered her in the bunker below Camp Shenandoah.


And Helen.

They were the key to everything.

“You want to know what’s happening here?” Nora whispered. “Very much.”

“I’ll tell you something I can’t possibly know: that the medallion hanging around your neck is a quantum radio.”

Helen’s eyes bulged. She staggered backward as though she had been struck by an actual blow.

“It’s capable of communicating between worlds.” “How do you know that?”

“I know that it has changed the course of history here. I was being truthful with you: we’re not clones.”

“What are you?”

“You want answers?” “Yes.”

“Ask the young man who was posing as Maria Santos’s audio technician. His name is Ty. It’s short for Tyson Klein. Talking to him might save your life and the lives of everyone you know. Please hurry.”

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