Chapter no 31

Once Upon a Broken Heart

The Daily Rumor


By Kristof Knightlinger

I’m almost saddened that today Prince Apollo and soon-to-be Princess Evangeline Fox will wed. There’s been so much excitement I’m loath for it to end. Although if half the rumors I’ve heard about the wedding are true, it should be a spectacular day.

Unfortunately, it seems that there will be at least one notable person missing from the royal

celebration. Tabitha Fortuna of House Fortuna had a terrible fall several days ago. It’s hard to believe that someone so formidable could be bested by a set of stairs, but apparently, the fall was so bad it’s done some damage to her mind. I’ve heard people mutter the words sedated, mad, and magic curses, making it sound as if it could have been more than just a fall. Or could it be that someone is trying to steal the sunlight from our fair Evangeline Fox?

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