Chapter no 11 – Hannah

Bagging the Blueliner

I’D COME UP HERE on a mission to provoke Cal into sleeping with me.

I had expected some pushback. He was stubborn, but I was sneaky. Coming up here in nothing but his jersey had been strategic. Hockey players went insane when a woman they were interested in wore their specific jersey. They liked to claim their women, brand them.

Honestly, it was a test. I still wasn’t as convinced as Amy that Cal was into me.

What I hadn’t expected was to find myself pinned to the wall with a massive hand curled around my throat. Even if he wasn’t cutting off blood flow to my brain, the move alone would have been enough to make me lightheaded.

A black haze crept in from the edges of my vision, but Cal’s face was front and center. His nostrils flared like a bull ready to charge. Intense blue eyes demanded my attention.

He was a massive man. He could snap my neck with a flick of his wrist. I should be afraid, but I knew he would never hurt me, even if I was the source of the anger he struggled to contain.

Bringing his face a breath away from mine, his tone was a low growl. “You’re off-limits, and that’s enough to tempt me, but goddamn that mouth of yours. It deserves to be punished for half the shit it says. Maybe my cock shoved down your throat will be enough to shut you up for five minutes.”

My eyes widened. The mental image he painted, combined with his domineering attitude, had my panties soaking wet. He was close to losing control—I could sense it. I wanted him to unleash on me, to show me what I’d been missing being denied the company of a hockey player in my bed.

Luckily, he just gave me the keys to unlocking the cage of the animal begging to be set free.

My mouth had gotten me in trouble my entire life. Truthfully, the outlandish things I said were partly because sometimes I couldn’t stop the verbal diarrhea, but most often, I simply enjoyed the shock factor.

A thought popped into my head. I knew it would push him right over the edge.

Put on your big-girl panties because he is gonna be pissed. Here goes nothing.

Breathless, I whispered, “Who are you kidding? That thing wouldn’t even make it to my gag reflex.”

Cal’s grip on my throat tightened a fraction, and I couldn’t stifle a moan. His free hand grabbed one of mine, placing it on the rigid length tenting his joggers.

Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

Cal felt when I swallowed against his hand, and a dark chuckle fell past his lips. “What? Run out of smartass remarks?”

My brain was short-circuiting, imagining how full I would feel with him inside me. If the thought was this overwhelming, how would I handle the sensory overload of being stretched to the max?

Making sure I wasn’t dreaming, I gripped him, testing to see if I could get my fingers all the way around. That would be a negative.

Not in the mood for games, Cal brought his lips to my ear with a warning. “I fuck the way I play the game. Hard and fast. If you can’t handle that, leave now. Once we start, there’s no turning back.”

He was giving me an out, but I was in too deep now. I’d waited my whole life for this. Maybe not with Cal, but I couldn’t afford to be too picky at this point.

It was terrifying but also thrilling.

Don’t say it. Don’t say it.

“Do your worst. I’m sure I’ve had better.”


Lightning quick, Cal spun us around so his back was to the wall, and he was forcing me to my knees. I might not mean half the shit I said, but he was ready to make good on his promise. That thing was big enough that I might have to give up anthem singing. My vocal cords would be trashed by the time he was done with me.

This is happening.

His hand released its grip on my throat, and I took a few shaky breaths, preparing myself. Gripping the waistband of his joggers, I boldly pulled them down his thighs. His cock bobbed up, mere inches from my face.

Holy shit.

The size momentarily blinded me, but a flash of silver caught my attention. Fascinated, I ran my fingers over the six consecutive barbells along the underside of his shaft.

“Oh wow.” I tilted my head to get a better look. Cal groaned above me, and before I could stop myself, I asked, “Did it hurt?”

Peering up, I saw him resting his head against the wall, eyes closed. “Not as much as giving up sex for months so it could heal.”

Still in awe that he was man enough to pierce his most sensitive body part, I bit my lip. “Was it worth it?”

Arctic blue eyes snapping open, he looked down at me. A corner of his lips turned up. “Guess you’re about to find out.”

RIP, vagina. It was nice knowing ya. We had a good run.

“Hannah?” Cal’s voice called from above. “Yeah?”

“The time for looking is over. Be a good girl and choke on this dick.”

“Make me.” It was too damn good to pass up the opportunity to tease him one last time.

Growling, he gripped my chin, forcing my mouth open. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of actually forcing me, I took matters into my own hands.


Gripping the base of his dick tightly in one hand, I brought my mouth to the head. My tongue dipped out to tease the underside. One of Cal’s giant hands anchored in my hair, urging me forward. Parting my lips, I felt them stretched to the extreme as I took him inside. My tongue traced over the ridges of the barbells.

His cock hit the back of my throat, and I gagged. Cal hummed in satisfaction.

Smug bastard.

Pursing my lips, I hollowed my cheeks, sucking for all I was worth. A strangled noise sounded, but I kept at it. Pulling back, I teased the tip, flicking the underside with my tongue.

Placing both hands on my head, Cal held my head in place as he thrust forward. Relaxing my jaw, I let him fuck my face, forcing myself to breathe through my nose. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he pushed past my gag reflex and down my throat. Swallowing around him, I was rewarded with a strangled groan ripped from his throat and a tightened grip on my face. My pulse pounded between my thighs with the promise of him using my pussy the way he used my mouth.

Pushing me back, his cock slipped from my mouth with a pop. My heavy breathing mixed with the pants coming from Cal. Boldly, I gripped his balls and tugged gently.

“Fuck, Hannah,” he moaned.

“I’m still waiting for Hannah to be fucked.” I threw a little bit of sass into my breathless voice.

“I should kick you out,” he threatened.

Rising on shaky legs, I pumped his cock, slick with my saliva. “Oh, come on, Cal. I haven’t screamed your name yet. Isn’t that what you wanted so desperately?”

Without warning, he gripped the back of my thighs, lifting me off the ground. Carrying me to the massive wall of windows overlooking downtown Hartford, he set me down.

“Hands on the glass,” Cal commanded, spinning me around.

He knew what he wanted, and he took it. When I hesitated, he gripped one hand, slamming it on the window, before repeating the process with the other.

For once, I wasn’t the one calling the shots, and it was liberating. Cal could have me any way he wanted.

“Keep them there,” he growled in my ear.

I was torn between obeying so he would reward me with whatever he had in mind and being contrary just to see how he would punish me. Curling my fingers against the glass, I tried to hold on as he gripped my hips, pulling them backward so I was bent over at a ninety-degree angle, ass out. Kicking

my legs apart next, I felt exposed. It didn’t matter that my torso was covered in a too-large jersey.

I was at Cal’s mercy—willingly so.

His large body curled over mine, radiating heat. A finger traced the letters on the nameplate on my jersey—his jersey.

B. E. R. G.

“Do you know how dangerous it was to walk in here wearing this?” Out of words, I shook my head.

“This is an open invitation to claim your body. You’re begging me to bury myself so deep inside you that I own you.”

My body trembled, and my knees threatened to buckle. Placing my forehead on the cool glass of the window did nothing to extinguish the raging inferno roaring in my blood.

Sliding down my body, he dropped to his knees behind me. His breath tickled the back of my bare thighs. I bit my lip as his hands skimmed from my ankles to my hips, lifting the hem of the jersey in question so my ass was on full display.

Gripping the sides of my lace thong, he gave a sharp tug, and a ripping sound rent the air before cool air met with the heated flesh between my legs. Arching my back, I pushed my ass out further, trying to entice him.

I was ready to explode, and he’d barely touched me. “Please,” I begged.

“Who’s in charge here, Hannah?” His mouth moved a breath away from my pussy.

Everything inside me wanted to taunt him. Something in the back of my brain warned that if I did, he would end this. Cal wanted to own me. He’d said as much.

Fuck me. I wanted to let him.

Gritting my teeth and fighting my instincts to talk back, I forced out, “You are.”

“Right answer.”

The words were barely out of his mouth before his tongue drove through my flesh. Jerking at the sudden jolt of pleasure, I tried to get away. Cal was having none of that, gripping my hips painfully, holding me in place.

Teasing and tasting, he took his time feasting between my thighs. Tingles spread outward, threatening to overtake me. It was embarrassing how quickly he had me on the edge of release.


This was what I had wanted.

A man who knew what he was doing. A man who took what he wanted.

A man who played my body like a finely-tuned instrument.

All thoughts fled as an orgasm ripped through my body, shaking it violently. My legs gave out, but strong hands held me up, thumbs stroking my flushed skin as I came down from the intense high.

“Fuck,” I whispered when my mind cleared enough to speak. “Not yet, but soon,” came the growl from behind me.

With no warning, Cal pushed one thick finger inside me, and I bucked against the intrusion.

“Oh, God,” I moaned.

A second finger joined, a burning sensation accompanying the stretch. Grimacing, I tried to pull away. “It’s too much.”

Holding me steady, Cal replied, “Baby, if you can’t handle two fingers, you’re in for a rude awakening when you get my cock.”

I’m going to die here. He’s going to rip me in two.

Breathing through the burn, I strengthened my resolve. I couldn’t back down now. This was what I came for, and damn if the idea of his giant cock didn’t send a fresh wave of arousal through my body.

Groaning, Cal pumped his fingers. “You like that? Thinking about how I’m going to fill you, stretching you wider than any man has before?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

Twisting the two fingers inside me, he added a third, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. My vision began to darken, and I had to remind myself to breathe.

Suddenly, his hand was gone, and I nearly sagged with relief. I needed a minute.

Cal didn’t care. The blunt end of his cock lined up with my waiting entrance. I tensed involuntarily, knowing penetration was imminent.

Hands moved beneath my jersey, tugging down the cups of my bra to toy with my nipples. My hips thrust back, and he slid in that first inch.

I heard him hiss behind me. “Please tell me you’re on birth control.” Shocked, my head whipped around to look at him.

Big mistake.

Cal lurked like a giant behind me. Every tendon in his neck pronounced as he held himself back from thrusting deep inside me. Those blue eyes were so clouded with lust that I had to bite back a moan, knowing I was the cause.

Not waiting for an answer, he slid in another inch, and I gasped. “Hannah,” he groaned in warning.

If he was asking about birth control, that meant he was raw-dogging it. We were already playing with fire, and he was trying to ensure we didn’t burn the whole place down.

Nodding, I shifted my hips, letting him in a tiny bit more, feeling the first barbell slip inside. Rocking, holding me steady, he gave me a moment to adjust before pressing further.

He was right—this was more than his fingers, and my body struggled to accommodate his size. Panting, trying not to freak out, I pressed my forehead to the cool glass of the window. I didn’t want him to see the way my eyes watered. I talked a big game, and now I had to deliver.

Another tiny thrust, and I couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped. “Ow.” “Having second thoughts? Say the word, and I’ll stop. But remember this,

Hannah. You wanted this.” Cal’s voice was strained, but I knew he meant what he said. He would stop if I asked him to.

There was half a second when I considered the option to pull the ripcord and escape without permanent internal damage, but he slid that challenge in there on purpose. Cal knew as well as I did that I never backed down. It wasn’t in my nature.

Fuck him and his giant dick.

You already are.

I was borrowing trouble, and I knew it when I dared to ask, “How much more?”

“You want the truth?”

No, but I probably needed it. “Yes.” “We’re sitting about halfway.”

I wanted to cry. With any other man, I might have. But this was Cal. I couldn’t show weakness in front of him.

I learned my lesson, universe. Karma is a real bitch. I made tiny dick jokes, and it’s come back to bite me. I promise I’ll do better if you let me walk away from this in one piece.

Fingers tweaked my nipples, and I groaned.

Yes, more of that.

I felt myself loosening slightly.

“That’s it, baby, breathe. You’re doing so well.”

Following his instructions, I took a deep breath, letting my body open for him. Cal ran one hand down my side, the other reaching up to pull the hair away from my neck. His giant body covered mine from behind before he pressed a single kiss to the nape of my neck, and I shivered.

“Look out at the city,” Cal commanded.

I glanced up at the sparkling lights. Gasping, I realized I could see into the windows of other buildings. Could people see us?

Sensing my thoughts, Cal whispered in my ear, “Do you like knowing others can see us? That there’s someone across the street who knows what a filthy girl you are?”

I moaned, and he took the opportunity to thrust all the way home while I was distracted. My mouth opened in a silent scream. I could feel the ridge of every single barbell, and when he gave a gentle roll of his hips, I nearly passed out. They rubbed against the perfect spot.

The stretch was still intense, but I knew one thing that would make it better. Thrusting my ass back, I invited him to move. Sucking in a breath, he pulled out before slamming back in. His size was just as shocking the second time, and I cried out.

Against my neck, he promised, “I’ll make it up to you next round.”

That was the last thing Cal said before he gripped my hips, pounding into me so violently it took my breath away. He warned me earlier that he fucked hard and fast, and he delivered on that promise. Along for the ride, I let him use my body, focusing on the ribbed texture of his piercings massaging my G-spot.

One of his hands reached between my legs, rubbing furiously against my clit. My body strained against his, begging for more.

“Right there. Don’t stop.” The pleasure became so intense that I couldn’t breathe, the breath literally stolen from my lungs.

“Come for me, Hannah,” Cal grunted.

His harsh words tipped me over the edge, and I screamed my release. “Fuck yes! Cal!”

Hearing me scream his name spurred him on, and Cal’s pace grew more punishing if that were even possible. Holding me up as my legs gave out, his thrusts only served to cause the waves of pleasure rolling over my body

to crest for a second time. My sweaty hands slid down the glass until I was bent in half, completely at his mercy.

Just when I thought I might pass out, Cal stilled behind me, roaring so loudly the sound bounced off the high ceilings of his penthouse.

Holding my hips, Cal withdrew, groaning as he did so. I felt the loss of him, going from overly full to empty in an instant. It was a shock to the system, and tremors I couldn’t control racked my body.

Moments away from collapsing into a puddle on the floor, Cal scooped me into his arms.

It was déjà vu to the day in the locker room, but far more pleasant.

My mind was fuzzy, but I felt us moving. Looking up at him, he smiled down with a wicked gleam in his striking blue eyes. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Well, look who just died and went to amazing-sex heaven.

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