Chapter no 55

Anxious People

Witness Interview Date: December 3o Name of witness: Lennart

5ACC: Let me see if I’ve got this right: you weren’t at the viewing as a prospective buyer, but had been hired by Anna-Lena to spoil itṢ

LENNART: Exactly. No Boundaries Lennart, that’s me. Would you like a business cardṢ I do stag parties, too—if the guy getting married has stolen your girl, that sort of thing.

5ACC: So that’s your jobṢ To ruin apartment viewingsṢ

LENNART: No, I’m an actor. There just aren’t many roles around at the moment. But I was in The Merchant from Venice at the local theater.

5ACC: Of Venice.

LENNART: No, at the local theater here!

5ACC: I meant that it’s called The Merchant of Venice. Not from Venice.

Never mind. Can you tell me anything else about the bank robberṢ

LENNART: I don’t think so. I’ve told you everything I remember.

5ACC: Okay. Well, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to stay a little longer, in case we have any further questions.

LENNART: No problem!

5ACC: Oh, yes, one last thing: What do you know about the fireworksṢ

LENNART: How do you meanṢ

5ACC: The fireworks the perpetrator asked for.

LENNART: What about themṢ

5ACC: Well, when someone takes other people hostage, it isn’t customary for the perpetrator to demand fireworks before letting them go. It’s more normal to demand money.

LENNART: With all due respect, it’s more normal not to take anyone hostage in the first place.

5ACC: That’s as may be, but don’t you think fireworks is an odd demandṢ That was the last thing the perpetrator did before you were released.

LENNART: I don’t know. It’s New Year. And everyone likes fireworks, don’t theyṢ

5ACC: Dog owners don’t.


5ACC: What do you mean by thatṢ

LENNART: I was just surprised. I thought all police oAcers liked dogs.

5ACC: I didn’t say I didn’t like dogs!

LENNART: Most people would have said that dogs don’t like fireworks. But you said dog owners.

5ACC: I’m not particularly fond of animals.

LENNART: Sorry. A peril of the profession. You learn to read people in my job.

5ACC: As an actorṢ

LENNART: No, the other. Are the others still here at the station, by the wayṢ

5ACC: WhoṢ

LENNART: You know, the others who were in the apartment.

5ACC: Are you thinking of anyone in particularṢ

LENNART: Zara. For instance.

5ACC: For instanceṢ

LENNART: There’s no need to look like I asked something improper. I mean, I’m only asking.

5ACC: Yes. Zara’s still here. Why do you askṢ

LENNART: Oh, just wondered. You get curious about people sometimes, that’s all, and she’s the first person in a long time who I haven’t been able to read at all. I tried, but I didn’t get her at all. Why are you laughingṢ

5ACC: I’m not laughing.

LENNART: Yes you are!

5ACC: Sorry, I didn’t mean to. Something my dad says, that’s all.


5ACC: He says you end up marrying the one you don’t understand.

Then you spend the rest of your life trying.

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