Chapter no 48

Anxious People

Jack jumps out of the police car while it’s still moving. He storms into the police station and runs to the interview room so fast that he hits his already bruised forehead on the door because he can’t get it open quickly enough. Jim comes after him, panting, trying to get his son to calm down, but there’s no chance of that.

“Hello! How’s tricks—?” the real estate agent begins, but Jack cuts her oP by roaring:

“I bnom mho you ave nom!”

“I don’t underst—” the agent gasps.

“Calm down, Jack, please,” Jim pants from the doorway. “It’s you!” Jack yells, showing no sign at all of calming down. “Me?”

Jack’s eyes are glinting with triumph when he leans over the table with his 1sts clenched in the air and hisses: “I should have realized right from the start. There was never a real estate agent in the apartment. You’ve the bank robber!”

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