Chapter no 25

Every step she took was considered, careful, staring down at the forest floor and the mud that bunched up around the outline of her shoes. A record of her having been there, a trail of imprints that stalked her through the woods. But she was looking for someone else’s prints: the jagged vertical lines on […]

Chapter no 24

  ‘Are you sure you want to be here for this?’ Pip said, looking mainly at Joanna, her finger poised above the mousepad, about to pull up Jamie’s browser history in Google Chrome. ‘We don’t know what we might find.’ ‘I understand,’ she said, hand tightly gripped on the back of the chair, not going […]

Chapter no 23

The Reynoldses’ house stared her down, the top windows yellow and unblinking. But only for a second before the door swung inwards and Joanna Reynolds appeared in the crack. ‘You’re here.’ Joanna ushered Pip inside as Connor appeared down the hall. ‘Thanks for coming straight away.’ ‘That’s OK.’ Pip shrugged off her bag and shoes. […]

Chapter no 22

Pip tried not to look. She averted her eyes, but there was something about the house that dragged them right back. It could never be just a normal house, not after everything it had seen. It felt almost otherworldly, as though death clung to the air around it, making it shimmer in a way a […]

Chapter no 21

Connor wasn’t eating. He pushed the food around his plate, scoring deep lines through the untouched pasta with the points of his plastic fork. Zach had noticed too; Pip accidentally caught his eye across the table as she watched Connor sitting there silently in the deafening cafeteria. It was the comments, she knew. Strangers on […]

Chapter no 20 – TUESDAY‌ ​DAYS MISSING

Jamie Reynolds is clearly dead. The words jumped in and out of focus as Connor held the phone in front of her eyes. ‘Look,’ he said, his voice quivering, maybe with the effort of keeping up with her down this corridor, maybe with something else. ‘I have,’ Pip said, slowing to divert around a group […]

Chapter no 19

Her throat closed in on her, trapping her voice inside, cornering the words until they gave up and scattered away. All she could do was stare at the messages, unravel them and put them back together until they made some kind of sense. Hello Pip. You’re getting closer : ) Connor was the first to […]

Chapter no 18

Pip returned to the scrap of paper in her hand, running her eyes over the list she’d scribbled half an hour ago: Leila Leyla Laila Layla Leighla Lejla ‘This is impossible,’ Connor said, sitting back from Pip’s desk in defeat, in a chair she’d borrowed from the kitchen. Pip spun impatiently in her own chair, […]

Chapter no 17

The Book Cellar stood out along the high street. It always had done, as far back as Pip could remember. And not just because it had been her favourite place to go, dragging her mum in by the arm when she needed just one more book. But quite literally: the owner had painted the outside of the […]

Chapter no 16

She didn’t sit at the front any more. That’s where she used to sit, in this classroom, at this very time, when it was Elliot Ward standing at the front, talking them through the economic effects of World War II. Now it was Mr Clark, the new history teacher who’d come in after Christmas to […]